Installing the VJP plugin is easy, VJP has an update site:
  1. Install Eclipse 3.2 or higher. (Download: )

  2. For Eclipse 3.2 - 3.3:
    1. Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install -> Find New Features -> Next
    2. Select 'New Remote Site...'
      • Name: Visual JavaPathFinder
      • Url:
    3. Select Finish
    4. Select 'Visual JavaPathFinder'
    5. Read and Accept the terms of agreement
    6. Select Finish, one last time
    7. Disregard the warnings and select 'Install all'
    8. Select 'Yes' to restart Eclipse

    For Eclipse 3.4:
    1. Help -> Software Updates...
    2. Click on the 'Available Software' tab
    3. Click on 'Add Site...'enter ""
    4. On the tree of update sites, click on the "" entry checkbox.
    5. Click on Install (Top right corner)
    6. When asked, restart Eclipse


VJP is hosted on Sourceforge.

Go to the project page to download the VJP jars and install them yourself.

The VJP source is stored in an SVN repository. It can be safely assumed that the repository is an expeirmental but stable release.

Bug Reporting

VJP is a new and growing project, and with that always comes bugs. Please report bugs on our sorceforge bug tracker. Please include the following:

  1. VJP Version
  2. Eclipse Version
  3. Operating System

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists can be found on Sourceforge.project page. There currently aren't any lists, but there soon will be.


If you have any question or suggestion about this website, or the project administration in general, please send a message to the administrator mailing list