Welcome to the Home of Visual Java PathFinder

Visual Java PathFinder (VJP) is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE that allows for executable Java bytecode to be verified at the push of a button. VJP uses the Java PathFinder (JPF) software model checker to systematically search all execution paths for violations, such as unhandled exceptions or deadlocks.

VJP serves to simplify the process of verifying your program. Verifying Java programs with JPF requires downloading, updating, building, configuring and verifying, all manually. On the other hand with VJP handles all of this and allows configuring and verifying to be done through a GUI with the push of a button.

On top of all of this, one of VJP's main advantages is that it also displays JPF's results graphically. Executation paths are graphically displayed giving the details of every step taken.

Headline News

  • 01/16/09: Major changes to VJP - A lot has changed for VJP over the past few releases. Make sure to look at the documentation for an update on what VJP can do.
  • 09/08/08: VJP is public! - The Google Summer of Code Season has come to end, but this only the start of VJP. The Visual JavaPathinder Plugin for Eclipse has now officially gone public!
  • 08/19/08: VJP soon going public - With google summer of code coming to an end we are quickly approaching the public release of VJP!